Phakhaporn Ruangsri (Yox)

Senior Designer

YOX landscape

Yox has been involved in several high profile projects  for Inverse Lighting,  Her background is in architecture and her experience and ability make her a great lighting designer.  Yox is conscientious and organised.  She enjoys a challenge and undertakes design with rigor and responsibility.

What inspires me to do what I do
Finding the best solution to any question.

My best film ever
The Sound of Music. I love that it’s about the love of a family, I watched it with my family.

At the weekend I love to…
shop at flea markets for vintage things – they have their own stories.

My guilty pleasure
I keep an empty coffee bag and sniff it when I’m tired or stressed – my rescue bag.

My best holiday destination ever
Rok Island, South Thailand – no electricity, mobile network, hotel or shop.  Surrounded by nature, I loved the peace and quiet, natural cycles of the sea, sand and sun and the sky canopy at night.

The place I was born
Khon Kaen, North East Thailand.