Nicola Agresta

Senior Designer

nicola landscape

Nicola graduated as an Architect in Italy and moved to London and started to work as a Lighting Designer for Inverse in 2013.  Nicola is a talented and meticulous designer who places great importance on the quality of work he produces.

Random facts about me
Before becoming an architect, I joined the Air Force.
Once my car caught fire while I was driving.
When I was young, I was a competitive swimmer.
Aliens terrify me.

My slogan for life
Wear your heart on your sleeve.  I’m planning to have it tattooed.

Things that mystify me
This question.

My best holiday destination ever
Anywhere there is good art, food and great people.

The place I was born
Napoli, Italy.  Not the most beautiful place on earth but definitely one of the most fascinating and vibrant.

Best advice I ever got
Never grow up.  Advice from my, now over 100 year old, grandmother.