Ellen Leung

Senior Designer

Ellen was born in Hong Kong and has spent her cheerful childhood in this city. Then she moved to the UK for her secondary education. She had her BA of Environmental and Interior in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, after that she found herself passionate in lighting design, and took her Master in Lighting in Queensland University of Technology and started her career as a lighting designer.

At the weekend I love to…
At the weekend, I love to spend my day at the beach with my adorable Fluffy – my dog.

My slogan for life
Life is a single journey adventure, just try and do the best with no regret!

My best holiday destination ever 
There is no best holiday destination, as all countries has their own characteristic, which worth to see and experience. However, in this moment, I would love to visit Maldives again. Just spend my day under the sunshine with fishes and corals.

The place I was born
Hong Kong is my home country where I was born. Hong Kong is a dynamic city which combines the western and the eastern style. In Hong Kong, people can easily experience both the energetic side of the city life and the quiet and calm living style of the fishing village. We have fantastic modern cityscape and also the natural beautiful landscape and seascape.

My all-time dream 
To have a little cafe beside the sea, I can continue my design work there, to cook there, and to meet new friends. In my spare time I can enjoy the sea breeze from the window or to enjoy the sunshine in the sea.