Vorapat Angsananrattana

Lighting Designer

Vorapat landscape

Vorapat has been a lighting designer since graduating as an architect in 2006 and with Inverse Lighting since 2011.  He has broad experience in a variety of projects.  He is a well-balanced and deliberate designer with an interest in harmony and diversity of art and science and an integration of these disciplines.  Vorapat is eager to learn and explore new things.

Random fact about me
I hate rats!

At the weekend I love to…
read books, play football, cycle and play guitar – not all at once.

Things that mystify me

Best advice I ever got
Know what you are doing.

I’d love to meet this person because…
King Bhumibol Adulyadej because he is at the heart of the Thai people.

My super power
12 hours of continuous sleep.