Lia Ferraro

Lighting Designer

Lia joined the London office in 2015.

She discovered the importance of lighting in the theatre, where she worked for a few years. She worked in different lighting consultancy firms in Italy before moving to London in 2013. She loves using light as a material to mold and endeavors to recreate the theatre magic in her everyday work.

My guilty pleasure
Filling me up with mustard

My super power
Building works of art with heaps of worn once clothes.

My all-time dream
Sailing around the world, the archetype of a holiday, of travelling, discovering and fear of the unknown.

A book that moved me
The Master and Margarita, I read it time and again.

The place I was born
Padova, home, casa, porticoes, friends, Piazza della Frutta, spriz (the best in the world), the Botanical Garden, bigoli, bicycle, University.

My best film ever
The Party