Kanika Termsedcharoen (Noon)


I love art since I was young, I can sit for many hours doing anything related to art. Which makes me become a calm person. Then I choose to study in design and architecture field. I found out that trying to relate art to our environment is very interesting and this is what I love to do.

Random fact about me
I love food and cat.

My best holiday destination everDuring my university life, I went to Japan on an exchange program. Everyday is my holiday there, I enjoyed this tranquil and clean city with fresh air, polite people, beautiful nature, and especially the food.

At the weekend I love to…
Sleep, have some good food and spend a quality time with my family and friends.

The place I was born
Bangkok, Thailand

My guilty pleasure
Pizza, cheese, cup noodle, and ice-cream

My all-time dream
Have my own little house surrounded by peaceful and beautiful nature.

My super power
I can walk very fast.