Filip Vermeiren

Founder Director


Filip is founder and co-director of the London office with Onur.  He has a resourceful, hands-on approach and is involved in all projects, ensuring that projects remain firmly on track.  Besides being responsible for the running of the office, he is engaged and passionate about good design and is inquiring and inquisitive by nature.  Filip leads a talented team of designers to deliver exceptional work for our clients.

Random fact about me
I started to learn the trumpet at 40,… midlife crisis?

Things that exasperate me
Parties in spaces with bad acoustics.

At the weekend I love to…
do nothing, but currently am driven by children’s activities.

A book that moved me
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Not that it was necessarily moving, but bits of the book seem to pop up in my life from time to time.

My super power
Turn clean spaces into a dump.

The best car I ever owned
My Xtracycle bicycle.