Yo Mak


I love to draw, that is the time that I can spend time to pay attention to the details of things, and the feeling to recreate them with my own hands is so soothing. I therefore chose to pursue my master’s in multimedia that gave me opportunities in doing visualisation projects. It is also the time that I noticed the importance of light to the things we see, is just like the chocolate in a chocolate cake, and made me want to explore the world of lighting.

What inspires me to do what I do
My shower time thoughts — that has inspired me to understand life is a journey in search of love and it is always associated with our uniqueness, and that we only have one chance to experience what  we want and that I should pursue things that I love.

Random fact about me
I was afraid to use the name ‘Yo’ in any professional settings before I worked in the creative industry, but ‘Yo’ is the name that my family and close friends call me.

Things that exasperate me
Impolite or inconsiderate people/ wasting time

A book that moved me
The Honest Truth About Dishonesty

My slogan for life
“Love conquers all.” That is what keeps me moving on every day.

My all-time dream
Not exactly the kind of happily ever after ending like a Disney story, but the kind where everyone I love is happy and loved, and living their lives following their wills.