Riverside Museum

Location:  Glasgow, United Kingdom
Completion:  2010
Client: Glasgow City Council
Architecture: Zaha Hadid Architects
Landscape Architecture: Gross Max
Photography: James Newton, Onur Sunguroglu


‘Clean’ lighting enhances roof geometry

Inverse Lighting designed the interior, exterior and landscape lighting of Zaha Hadid’s landmark Riverside Museum, finding an elegant way to emphasize its distinctive roof geometry.

On the interior, Inverse’s design created sweeping lines of light that follow the undulating ceiling form and complement its three-dimensional qualities, with no fixtures visible on the ceiling.

Externally, the roof structure is delineated with continuous lighting by spotlights positioned along the length of the gutters. Meanwhile, dimmable linear fluorescent in Gross Max’s soft landscaping accentuates the building’s geometry with the play of light and shadow.