Siam Discovery

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Completion: 2016
Client: Siam Piwat
Architecture: Nendo and Urban Design
Photography: image 1 – YamaStudio
image 2, 3, 4 and 5 – Ketsiree Wongwan and art4d


Facade lighting invites retail custom

The upmarket Siam Discovery shopping complex in Bangkok has undergone a major renovation by Japanese architect and designer Nendo, with exterior lighting design by Inverse Lighting.

The building’s new double-skinned glass facade has a partial covering of graphics-like frames whose hidden, colour-changing lighting emphasises their 3D nature and creates an intriguing, dynamic invitation to explore the building.

Inverse kept the adjoining plaza free of light poles by mounting retractable light projectors on the roof and integrating  lighting into steps and planter boxes. A glazed footbridge to the adjacent Siam Centre building can also be animated for special events.